Dialog Sheets

Here we provide dialog sheets we are developing for use with ScrumUP.

Dialogue Sheet- Value Stream Map v0.01
Value stream mapping is a visualization tool for recording all the processes that are required to bring a product to market. A value stream map is typically created as a one-page flow chart depicting the current production path or design path of a product from the customer's request to delivery. An important goal of value stream mapping is to identify processes that do not provide value so they can be improved. Value can be thought of as anything the customer is willing to pay for. Processes that do not provide value are called waste. Value stream maps document the current state of the value stream as well as the future state of the value stream and define any gaps between the two.

Dialogue Sheet - Value Stream Map

These dialog sheets are inspired by the work of Allen Kelly. More information and downloads can be found on his website.

Game Board - Saboteur Game v0.01
Purpose of the saboteur game is to show the effect of different objectives for diferent units or teams who need each other to deliver value (like business, marketing, finance, development, operations, architecture). It can be played with one or multiple groups of 4 to 6 people.

Saboteur Game Board

Dialoogwerkbladen (NL)
Nederlandstalige versie van dialoogwerkbladen.


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