Remi-Armand Collaris 

Remi-Armand Collaris is a Project Manager and RUP consultant at Ordina, based in The Netherlands. He has managed JavaEE/RUP software development projects for a number of financial and semi-government institutions. An important part of his work at Ordina is contributing to the company's RUP development case and giving workshops on RUP, Scrum and project management.


Eef Dekker is an Analyst and Scrum Master at, based in The Netherlands. He coaches organizations in implementing Scrum and Agile RUP. Furthermore he gives presentations and workshops on RUP, Use Case Modeling and software estimation with Use Case Points.

Eef Dekker

Together they wrote a very successful Dutch book on the Agile application of RUP called RUP op Maat: Een praktische handleiding voor IT-projecten, which translates to RUP Tailored: A Practical Guide to IT Projects. The second revised edition was published in 2008. It is used by a number of Dutch companies as a basis for their software development process. Major Dutch colleges use it as part of professional IT-training.