ScrumUP <Reference>

The ScrumUP <Reference> accompanies the book ScrumUP. This book offers a ready-to-use approach on software development based on Scrum, XP and RUP.

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This reference site offers an overview of the development process sketched in ScrumUP. It also offers concise information on every role in a team, including the related tasks and work products. This information is accessible in many ways: by role, by task, by work product, by workflow and by collaboration matrix.

In the book titled ScrumUP the authors present more information on this ready-to-use approach on IT development. Seemingly effortless they bridge the gap between methods and show how they can enhance each other. The visualizations in this book make it easy to read. They show how these methods relate to one another and how they help the team improve their way of working.